Month: December 2017

Christmas Challenge Completed

Thank you very much everyone, it’s been a joy being part of this community with you.
Christian meditation is surely an individual practice, but with this Christmas Challenge we felt so connected to you.
We were together!
It was amazing to see each day during the 7 days challenge, before 8h, a consistent number of downloads. It seems that most of you guys prefer to pray in the morning 🙂
Let’s keep up the good work and continue mental prayer every day, spending time with our good Lord every day, showing Him our love.

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Win this Nativity icon.

Mental Prayer Support Nativity Icon Contest


On December 20th there will be the Christmas Challenge, a series of prayers in preparation for Christmas. We’re offering one Nativity icon for your prayer corner.

To enter the contest you just have to subscribe clicking the link above before December 24th.

By subscribing you’ll be notified when the new prayers are available.



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