Welcome to mental prayer support!

Here you’ll find resources about mental prayer and a practical example of prayer through a guided audio prayer. We can walk you through this blessed path, so you’ll be able to start this amazing practice.

We want to help all those who feel called to live closer to God and hunger for a meaningful life and spiritual growth.
Based on the knowledge of the church and the saints you’ll find here a proven way to reach this new life. Everyone should benefit from this free gift from God: being with him, improve quality of life, find meaning of life and joy.

This kind of prayer is also fundamental when things are not doing well. When we experience difficult moments, bear it alone is hell.

Through God’s words, he can assure you that he is with you in these moments. You can even feel loved instead feeling abandoned and keep asking why, which not only doesn’t help, but build up bad feelings toward God.

Here is a testimony we received that illustrates the power of this prayer:

Once I was feeling really lonely and betrayed with the departure of my husband. I live very far from my family and friends. On top of that, I was unemployed for more than one year and financially broke.

That was the most difficult moment in my life, the feeling was that I had lost everything.

At night, when he left, the pain was just too great to live with that I needed desperately something not to face the reality. For sure I preferred not to live. I wasn’t used to drugs or pills, but I’ve been practicing mental prayer for years, and that was the only solution I found.

That night I prayed: God I need you so bad that I will pray the whole night if I can’t sleep tonight.

I decided to start with the passion of Jesus because I could feel a little better what He might have felt; alone, betrayed, in pain.

The prayer experience was extremely powerful. I was suffering, but I was united to Jesus. I was in pain, but we were together.

After more than two hours I was ready to sleep and in the end of my prayer, I realized that I didn’t value His presence as I should and that I too, I left him alone not giving adequate attention to the Eucharist, or not praying as often as I wanted, for example.

That night I decided to go to the mass as often as I could and to pray every night AND every morning.

Many years after that, I can’t and I don’t want to live without those practices. Mental prayer is a very effective way to find our good Lord, in good and in bad moments.

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